Electronic Balance LX106EBL

Electronic Balance LX106EBL

It is a high resolution table top unit with an operating temperature of 5 °C to 25 °C. Backlit LCD for easy visualization in any lighting conditions with dual text prompts. Features include easy balance tare and quick stabilization providing reliable weight measurements. Under weighing functions can be used for density testing. Automated external calibration with load cell sensor.

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Weighing capacity3100 g
Minimum weighing0.4 g
Resolution0.1 g
Stable time≤ 2 S
Pan size160 x 160 mm
Operation temp5-25 °C
Repeat ability0.2 g
Liner0.3 g
Cal. weight2000 g
Packing size660 x 470 x 320 mm
Gross weight22 kgs

Digital filtering minimizes disturbances

Automated external calibration

Under weighing functions for density testing

Full range tare

Can be connected to external printer

RS232 / RS485 interfaces provides speedy communication with computers and printers

Backlit LCD for easy visualization in any lighting conditions

Used for sample/standard preparation, formulation, differential weighing, density determination, interval weighing and pipette routine testing.
RS232C & RS485

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