Non-Refrigerated Different Well Water Bath LX603NDB

Non-Refrigerated Different Well Water Bath LX603NDB

Non-Refrigerated Different well Water Bath LX603NDB is equipped with temperature wells in a row of chamber volume of 24L and has soft touch LED display, temperature controller. The dynamic self-diagnostic control technology helps to prevent any failures or damage to the equipment as well as makes detection easy.

Chamber Volume24L
Temperature Control RangeRoom Temperature +5℃~100℃
Temperature Accuracy±0.1℃ at 37℃
Temperature fluctuation±0.3℃
Temperature Uniformity±0.5℃ at 37℃
Internal Dimensions (row*well)2*6
External Dimensions590 x 340 x 220 mm
Net Weight12.5kg
Power Supply220V / 50Hz

Chamber material - 304 stainless steel and powder steel coating housing material

Stainless steel working chamber and lid

LED display, soft touch, PID microprocessor with high-speed, high-performance CPU chip temperature controller

High-sensitivity and high precision Pt resistance sensor

Preset programmed control with timing range up to 99 hours for power-on, power-off and working

Multiple alarms for sensor failure, high/low temperature deviation, over temperature

Can store the parameters given in the memory

Temperature display calibration

Used in scientific research, medical and industry to provide precise and constant temperature and auxiliary heating for gene amplification.

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